Monday, December 21, 2009

The Lost Symbol on the Kindle

Last night I stayed up way too late reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I'm sure I'll finish it today and it's like his others, a great read - fast and furious, filled with history, facts and little known symbolism, plus totally likable characters, and hatable ones, too. My husband asked me if I knew who the antagonist really is - I'm afraid he gave something away, because I'm thinking maybe...Zachary? Not sure, but it's a good one, especially to read right now in the hecticness of the holidays.

I must add, it's my first read on a Kindle. I do have to admit I like it, but I miss the page turning and flipping around, the tactileness of a paper book. But with where the publishing world is going, I may have to get used to it! I do like the % it shows you of how much you've read, but miss the actual visual of almost getting to the end. I'm not completely sold yet, but maybe not so aghast at it either.

Next on my list is one for book club - The Traveler's Gift, sort of a motivational, inspirational book we thought would be good to start the new year with. I'll let you know as I'm usually not into this type of book (I prefer my novels) but it's gotten some great reviews,a s well as some bad ones, so we'll see.

Also I want to read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld and I'm very intrigued with The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolano, so that's on my list, too. Three to start 2010's not too bad. Merry Christmas!